Create imaginative solutions to open-ended problems!

Dr. E’s Challenges provide community members with an opportunity to design, build, and share creative solutions to challenges from anywhere in the world. As an educator, you can get familiar with hands-on learning materials and how they can enhance education by trying these Dr. E’s Challenges yourself. Then bring them to your students or own children and see how they solve the different problems. Creativity and sharing of creations in this community is encouraged, so please share your own designs or on behalf of your students and kids!

Professor Ethan (“Dr. E”) Danahy runs Dr. E’s Challenges from within Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO). To learn more about the Tufts CEEO, please visit ceeo.tufts.edu.

Update July 2020: Dr. E is grateful to LEGO Education for providing space within the new LEGO Education Community for us to try out a new pilot relaunch of Dr. E’s Challenges. So please visit the LEGO Education Community to see details of all the new challenges.


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